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Polini Thor 250 Engine
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With its Polini Thor 250 engine, the Pixel delivers an amazing punch that propels the ensemble upwards at 4 m/s (787 ft/min) with an economical cruising fuel consumption of less than 5 l/h (1.3 gal/h). You can plan up to 3 hours of flight and a range of 200 km (125 miles) with a good margin of error. Low vibration thanks to the balance of moving masses, easy startup with the “Flash starter” or optional electric starter, mechanical gear box, clutch, reliable cooling in all conditions,
are among the other advantages of this engine developed by a company that loves a job well done.
The Pixel trike is available in two versions: the “bare-bones” economical, model, which can be incrementally fitted (or not) with travel equipment, and the “XC” (Cross Country) model that includes all of these enhancements: instrument panel & windshield, electric starter, hand throttle, canvas siding and trunk. No worries, even in its “bare-bones” version,

the Pixel makes no compromises on comfort and safety: three-point seatbelts, front fork adjustable to 4 positions to suit smaller & larger pilots, brake, adjustable bucket seats, headrest, front fender, wheel ball bearings, storage
compartment accessible in flight, upper beam and front tube lined by cable, tested to +6 /-3g, 3g simulation of vertical impact, 15g forward for the engine
mount and the fuel tank (at the maximum weight of 250 kg or 550 lbs)

The Pixel may also be equipped with a manual triggered parachute
weighing only 4 kg (9 lbs) that does not reduce the volume of the trunk and
is also easy to carry and maintain.
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