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iFun 13 Wing
The iFun 13 is a modern wing, designed to provide maximum pleasure in flight while maintaining
great simplicity of assembly, operation and maintenance. With a cruise speed from 41 to
110 km/h (26 to 68 mph), you can contemplate trip, and still land on a dime. Thanks to its dual
surface pressurized to 40%, low twist and perfect cut, this wing outperforms many internal-crossbar
wings! Kevlar reinforcements, UV-ray protected Trilam fabric, minimal weight (31 kg or 68 lbs) and
maximum strength (+6 /-3g at 250 kg or 550 lbs!). But you have to fly it to admire its playfulness, its
stability and its resistance in turbulent conditions. The manufacturer’s 30 years of experience have
borne fruit...
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